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An Update to our Friends & Partners

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At BMI, we want to encourage our friends by sharing the impact as well as the needs. Please read the most recent update below from Richard Blackaby. Thank you all for your continued prayers, support and partnership. Please contact Sarah Blackaby with any questions that you may have or if you would like to receive updates on the ministry by emailing support@blackaby.org or by calling 770-603-2900.

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Dear Friends,

I have recently been challenged by Jesus’ parable about the ruler who summoned ten of his servants and gave each of them one mina (Luke 19:11-27). Before he left for a long journey he instructed them to “Do business till I come” (Luke 19:13). They were to conduct his business and grow his kingdom. Upon his return, the nobleman summoned his servants to give an account of what they had done. The first had leveraged his mina to earn ten more. The second had made five minas with the one entrusted to him. To these, the nobleman expressed extreme pleasure and dispensed a rich reward.

I am not a businessman, nor am I proficient at math. But even I know that a return of ten to one on an investment is a notable achievement! It is also true that to obtain large gains, one must accept great risk. It means that growth and success are not guaranteed. Devastating loss is a possibility. The first two servants understood the risk, but the prospect of enjoying their master’s pleasure and approval compelled them to take that chance. The result was a reward beyond their wildest dreams.

The third servant, however, was driven not by the possibilities but by the problems. He focused on potential loss rather than possible gain. He was driven by fear rather than faith. As a result, he hid the mina in a handkerchief. He did not lose anything, but neither did he gain anything. He played it safe. In response, the nobleman accused him of being a “wicked servant” (Luke 19:22).

This parable has numerous applications. Jesus has placed His resources into our hands. He expects us to invest in the expansion of His kingdom. This is not a time to play it safe! Approximately 4,000 churches across America die every year. The majority of these are located in growing urban areas. When you analyze these churches’ decline, you often find that the congregation refused to take risks. They were reluctant to change anything. They avoided taking a step of faith. They spent more time worrying about problems than eagerly considering possibilities. As a result, these churches became irrelevant and died.

God has blessed Blackaby Ministries International with a ministry to help Christians, churches, and Christian ministries to be fully engaged in growing God’s kingdom. This year we trained Christian leaders in such places as Nigeria, China, Iraq, South Africa, Canada, and Brazil. We provided leadership training to many of America’s largest Christian organizations. We trained pastors and Christian businesspeople. What a joy to invest in God’s kingdom each day!

At BMI, we also understand the risk involved with aggressively conducting the Master’s business. International travel always carries a certain amount of risk. While in China, the authorities were very aware of our activities and took steps to hinder us. In South Africa, we drove down highways that had “Highjack warning” road signs! Experiencing God training in Iraq has obvious dangers. Yet, we, like every other church and ministry, must ask what it is the Lord would have us do for His kingdom. We do not want to carefully unfold our mina, uninvested, and hand it back to our Lord upon His return!

As a result, our small ministry is asking God to give us a large impact for His kingdom. We want to focus on pursuing possibilities rather than avoiding potential problems.

We are humbled when churches and individuals tell us that God wants them to partner with us financially. Each year we strive to do more for our Lord and His kingdom than we did last year. Each year we stretch ourselves even further for His glory. Then we watch to see how God will provide for all we have undertaken! Typically, it is not until the final weeks of the year that the donations have been counted and it is clear that God has once again provided for everything He commanded us to do.

And so, I would sincerely invite you to partner with us financially in these closing days of 2017. We have had an extremely busy and effective year. We have received numerous comments about how our teaching deeply impacted participants in our conferences. We currently have more requests than we can fill.

There are several ways your financial support will greatly assist us. For one, we will be increasing our efforts in 2018 to reach millennials. We are hiring a staff person to help us distribute our message through social media. We’ll strive to share biblical truths through podcasts and Online videos. This undertaking will demand a major investment of time and money for us. Please help us reach this massive segment of the population for Christ! We are also attempting to distribute our messages internationally. This task is extremely expensive! Further, on a personal note, we need funds so a staff person can accompany me when I travel and speak. Having a colleague travel with me takes stress off me. It also helps provide protection and encouragement for me while I am away from home. Often BMI must pay that expense, so your gift can preserve my health and energy and multiply the results of my travel. We also continue to seek to develop classic sermons by my father, Henry, so they can inspire people for years to come. We also want to provide more teaching resources on our website so people from any corner of the word can benefit from them.

Thank you for your financial support of our ministry! My parents and I, along with our staff, regularly pray for God’s provision. We also earnestly pray for all those who invest in our work. My prayer for you is that you would be that servant whose investment in God’s kingdom would multiply tenfold and that you would hear those blessed words: “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Dr. Richard Blackaby
President, BMI

Note: Those of you 70 ½ years of age and older may want to take advantage of a tax free gift from your individual retirement (IRA) before the policy’s expiration date. If you have questions, please contact Rick Fisher, BMI Vice President, at rfisher@blackaby.org or 864.380.1089.