Thank you for exploring how you can support the Lord's work through Blackaby Ministries International!

On behalf of my father and the BMI family I want to thank you for your prayers on our behalf in recent weeks.  We have felt incredibly blessed by the love and support we have received from folks like you.

As you may have heard, my father suffered a mild heart attack while driving in Atlanta on September 19. It is a miracle he did not have a serious accident. However, he did become so disoriented that he could not navigate his way back to his house. Consequently, he spent the next 29 hours driving throughout the greater Atlanta area trying to get home. Not having his cell phone with him, he was unable to contact his family. Not being able to take his insulin, his blood sugar level rose to add further confusion. As you can imagine, my mother as well as the family was greatly concerned having no idea what had happened to him throughout the night. Eventually my father began to use his credit card to obtain gas and food and police were able to track his movements, eventually finding him 150 miles from his home. Doctors discovered that the main arteries to his heart were severely blocked. It appears he must have suffered an earlier heart attack, perhaps five year before. His arteries were blocked from 70% to 100%. It was miraculous that God had preserved his life as he has traveled and spoken in such a condition over the last number of years. My father subsequently underwent a quadruple bypass surgery from which he is recovering as I write this. Throughout this time we have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have expressed their concern and love for him. Prayer groups from around the world have prayed for him. It has been humbling to see how dearly he is loved around the world. Please continue to pray that he would not only make a full recovery but that he would gain new strength and vigor as his arteries are functioning much better now.

This leads us to a significant prayer request. My dad will be unable to travel and speak in the near future. He has been forced to cancel a number of speaking engagements. This is causing a financial hardship on BMI as we depend upon the honorariums he and other speakers earn from speaking to cover many of the expenses of the ministry. Would you please pray that donors will step in to make up the difference until he is able to speak once more? Pray also that BMI can cover events it was counting on my father to participate in. Pray also that we will have wisdom to know how to facilitate my father's travel and speaking in the future.

It is times like this that we are so grateful for the friends God brings alongside our family and ministry. We believe people still need to hear the message we are sharing. We will be trusting God to guide us to know how to continue sharing it in the future. Thank you in advance for your partnership with us in helping people to experience God! Please continue praying for my father that he will soon be able to minister again as he so enjoys doing. Thank you!


Richard Blackaby
President, BMI