Seventy percent of churches in America are either plateaued or in decline. Thousands of churches are closing heir doors each year. We don’t believe a struggling, declining, discouraged church brings glory to God. Being in one of these churches can be difficult. Pastors can feel like failures when they are unable to turn their church around or to stop its gradual decline. Church leaders can grow frustrated when nothing they attempt seems to make a lasting difference. It is easy to blame the culture or liberalism or a growing hostility to Christian values and teachings for the church’s problems. Yet there is a contradiction between the message of the Church and the health of the Church. The Church proclaims that God is all-powerful, but then its members worry and fret about its finances. The Church preaches that nothing is impossible for God, but then it sells its property and disbands. The Church proclaims that Christ can bring victory to any situation but then its members are plagued with addictions, divorce, and division. If God is indeed so powerful and wise, why are so many of His churches struggling and declining?  This is a question many churches desperately need to answer.

If you sense God wants more for your church than what you are currently experiencing, we want to help. It may well be that you have been doing everything you know to do. But that’s not enough. You need to do what GOD knows you should do! You must seek Him for those answers. We have walked with many pastors and churches as they sought God’s heart for their church. Pastors have discovered that God had much He still wanted to do in their church, but first the congregation had to operate God’s way. We know of churches on the brink of closing their doors that experienced a fresh moving of the Spirit in their midst. They went on to enjoy their best days as a congregation.

Blackaby Ministries International does not have all the answers. But we know the One who does! We can help pastors as well as church members seek a fresh word and direction from God. Let us help you experience a fresh encounter with the risen Christ so you are prepared for the great work God wants to do through your church.


Mark Clifton interview with Richard Blackaby on Flickering Lamps and Revitalizing Churches


Keith Durham, AZSBC revitalization facilitator, interviews Richard Blackaby about church revitalization

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