A major focus of Blackaby Ministries is to disciple Christians and proclaim the gospel message throughout the world.

One way we are accomplishing this is through online Internet courses. These courses are based upon the preaching and teaching ministry of the Blackaby's. The classes vary in length from three to ten weeks and are open to anyone, anywhere.

Missionaries, Pastors, Housewives, and Business people have participated in our online courses from nine different countries.

No special computer skills are necessary, you just need to have the ability to surf the Internet and send email.

New Online Class will start March 9, 2015!

117. The Commands of Christ

Four Week Study

Class Fee: $20

This is a four week study to help you understand more completely what Christ’s expectations are for His people. In this study you will learn several things:

1. What are Christ’s commands for His people
2. The nature of Christ’s commands
3. The practise of Christ’s commands
4. The Results of Christ’s commands

The class material is based on The Commands of Christ by Tom Blackaby. We will be selecting a representative group of Christ’s commands from each of the book chapters, so in order to know all that Christ commanded – you will need to either read through the Gospels yourself, or you can grab a copy of the book which summarizes them for you.

Currently Active Classes: The Commands of Christ
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