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Spiritual Leadership Coaching – New Book from BMI Available for Pre-Order

BMI has released a new book for pre-order.  Click here to order!  Book ships on June 1, 2018.

Spiritual Leadership Coaching: Connecting People to God’s Heart and Purposes

Many Christian leaders desire a greater spiritual influence on those they lead. Parents wonder if the next generation will fully embrace their Christian heritage. Even professional coaches want to use their expertise to more deeply impact those they coach.

Spiritual Leadership Coaching integrates the life-changing
biblical insights from Experiencing God with training in twelve essential coaching skills to significantly enhance your ability to have life-changing conversations with those God alongside you. You will learn how to listen deeply on multiple levels, ask powerful Spirit-led questions, and move people to focus their
lives around God’s agenda.

“This book offers practical guidance on how to help people connect (or
reconnect) to God and fully embrace their authentic God-given
identity. . . It caused me to wonder, ‘What if I listen to the Lord as
intently as I listen to clients?’ This concept transformed me, and it is
only one example of many.”

Jane Creswell, Master Certified Coach.


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