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Two New Books from BMI

BMI has released two new books:

Rebellious Parenting: Daring to Break the Rules So Your Child Can Thrive (Paperback)

God takes great delight in creating unique individuals, so why do we feel the need to conform our parenting styles? Rebellious Parenting invites parents to recognize that conventional wisdom is not always the best route to success. This book will help parents find the courage and creativity to challenge cultural norms and individualize their parenting so each of their children can thrive.


Two Thankful Turtles (Paperback)

Tony Turtle is tall, but wishes he was small. Trevor Turtle is small, but wishes he was tall! This is the timeless tale of these two twin turtles, and what taught them to be thankful. A fun story that teaches children to love themselves and the unique way God has made them (Perfect for families with twins or close siblings).

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