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Urgent Prayer Need for Henry Blackaby

URGENT!! The Blackaby family requests your prayers for Dr. Henry Blackaby in the midst of difficult circumstances at this moment. Henry has been missing since 4:00pm yesterday (Thursday) in the South Atlanta area. He was driving a black Lincoln sedan. Please pray for him to be found and if you are in the Atlanta area, please be on the lookout for Henry or his car along the roadside. Please check the BMI Home page for updates. Thank you for your partnership in prayer!

47 Comments to “Urgent Prayer Need for Henry Blackaby”

  1. Melany says:

    Dr.Mel Blackaby 1 hour ago via Twitter (@melblackaby):We are rejoicing tonight. That have just found Dad. Checking him over physically. Traumatic 28 hrs. Thanks for prayers! Family of God!

    After 28hrs missing, Dr.Henry Blackaby has been found and is safe. Praise the Lord!!!!!!! Many thousands of us around the country and the world were in steadfast prayer. Believers in the Atlanta had gathered for a prayer vigil at his home church at noon today and then dispersed from there to comb Atlanta in search of him.

  2. Larry and Nell Connell says:

    As we are going to bed tonight, we are praying for Dr. Blackaby, trusting and believing that all things are possible through Jusus Christ. We have not because we ask not, so we are now asking that GOD brings Dr Blackaby back to his family in excellent health. We now THANK God for hearing our prayers.

  3. The Lauderdale says:

    We are so sad to hear this news, and have been praying all evening. We love Henry so much! Our little church in OK has been blessed to have him here twice.

  4. Wendy, Jesse, Ida , Monica, Roland & The Moyes says:

    God has always been in control. Prayer is the key, and we shall all continue to pray.

  5. Wendy, Jesse, Ida , Monica, Roland & The Moyes says:

    God has always been in control. Prayer is the key, and we shall keep praying.

  6. David Carter says:

    Marilynn and family, Polly and I are asking our Lord to guide persons to locate Henry. Aell the fears of such situation process their way into our lives even though our faith is strong. We cannot even imagine what it like to handle this as you are having to face this.

  7. Beth Sidel says:

    Praying for our dear brother . May his master place His hedge of protection. around him now.

  8. Crider Family says:

    Praying with you for the safe return of Henry Blackaby, also praying that God’s peace will surround your family.

  9. Gregs & Ima says:

    we are praying and believing that the Lord Almighty will wear him the garment of protection. Then bring him home safely in Jesus name amen.

  10. Gaylynn Tollison says:

    Praying fervently for Dr. Blackaby’s safe return. What a blessing he has been to the Ramsey family through the years.

  11. Karen Taylor says:

    My prayers go up for Dr. Blackby and his family. May our Fater grant you peace and comfort in this time. May He send His ministering angels to keep watch over all of you.

  12. Rev Marty and Lenni Nordloh says:

    We have met Dr Blackaby several times and are praying fervently..

  13. Nan Snipes says:

    Praying for this wonderful man of God and for his protection.

    • Trudy Johnson says:

      Joining the chorus of prayers for Dr. Blackaby, the family, and those who are looking for him. Hear our cries, oh Lord!

  14. Calvin says:

    I have prayed and sent out the call for prayer. May God continue to be glorified.

  15. Brenda S says:

    Believing & trusting God for his safe keeping and his safe return!!! Hebrews 13:5

  16. Debbie and James Taylor says:

    We are praying for Dr. Blackaby’s safe return. God knows where he is, and is watching over him. We will pray unceasingly during this time of crisis for the Blackaby family.

  17. Linda Bidez says:


  18. Marsha Sandridge says:

    There’s a mighty host of Prayer Warriors in Jackson, Georgia crying out to the Lord for the safe return of this beloved brother in Christ. Praying for peace for the family, as well!

  19. Nori Latimer says:

    I am praying that our Father will return Henry to you safely this day. It will happen in HIS time. I love you all.

  20. Hutch says:

    Just now prayed that the Lord would lead someone to Dr. Balackaby’s whereabouts.

  21. Teresa Van Hook says:

    My prayers are for Henry and his family during these trying hours. Our Onmipresent God is with Henry wherever he is and whatever the circumstance may be. May God’s presence remind us all that He is still in complete control.

  22. Pleading the Blood Of Jesus over this AWESOME MAN OF GOD:”No weapon formes against Dr Henry shall prosper,&that he will soon be found,in Jesus name,amen.”
    Blackaby Family: We are linking our Shields of Faith
    with yours for the safety of your Patriarch.” God is FAITHFUL !

  23. Pastor John Parker says:

    Stopping to pray for Dr. Blackaby now and sending out prayer requests to a number of Prayer Teams!

  24. Eric Johnson says:

    Praying for you that he be found safe and soon!

  25. Michelle C says:

    I am praying for Dr. Blackaby to return home safely and quickly. May God protect him and bring you all together soon.

  26. Praying here and encouraging all my Facebook friends and church members to pray earnestly.

  27. Rae Weaver says:

    Praying for Henry to be found and the family to experience the peace that passes all understanding. It is real.

  28. Martha Shipman says:

    Praying God reveals where he is. He knows. Father may your Divine Protection move quickly to Henry. Your will be done. In Jesus Name.

  29. Jack Conner says:

    Marilyn and family, know that I love you all very much and will continue to pray with you. The Lord is our strong tower and all who run into it are safe.

  30. BRAD LARTIGUE says:

    Praying that all is and will be well with my friend, Henry!

  31. Fran Stoddard says:

    Praying for Dr. Blackaby’s safe return and for the entire Blackaby family.

  32. Tom & Mary Holsomback says:

    The Blackaby family is in our thoughts and prayers. Praying for the safe return of Dr. Blackaby.

  33. Jim Drake says:

    Praying urgently! Can you provide additional details concerning the description of the car, which Police agencies are involved and a more specific area of concentration of a search path?

  34. Praying with you for Henry’s safe return. God knows where he is and He is with Henry! Trusting His care!
    Paula and Ken

  35. Anne says:

    So grateful for insights Henry Blackaby gave me with his books. Praying that our Father will keep him save, and that his angels will surround him and his family.

    Grace and peace to you.

    Anne (The Hague, Netherlands)

  36. Victor Mattison says:

    Will be praying that he is found asap in good health.

  37. Jeff Peterson says:

    We are praying for God’s will to be done in this moment of crisis. I know this is a very hard time for the Blackaby family and those around them. Please keep us informed. Thank you.

    In Him,

  38. Lolita Law says:

    Oh Lord my Father… I am Praying for a safe and quick return for our brother in Christ. Lord protect him from all hurt harm and danger… Lord please be with is family and grant the peace and comfort. In Jesus name I pray…. AMEN….

  39. Paul and Martha Buford says:

    Praying for Henry’s safe return and praying for Marilynn, the entire family and the ministry team.
    Paul & Martha

  40. Barbara Boyle says:

    My prayers are with all of you especially the Blackaby family. Sent an email to all my Sunday School class FBC Jonesboro to pray (Mimi Holland). Thanks.

  41. Wendy Bjurstrom says:

    Praying fervently!!

  42. Julie (Lewis) Jones says:

    I went to OBU with Carrie and my family is praying in South Africa.

  43. Bonnie and John Marlow says:

    Praying for you.

  44. Molly Beck says:

    Knowing that God is with Dr. Blackaby wherever he is, I am praying that he will be found safe very soon. May God wrap strong arms of love around the entire Blackaby family and give them peace, now and forever.

  45. Ruth Johnson says:


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