About Blackaby Ministries International

Blackaby Ministries International was established to respond to increasing opportunities for the Blackaby family to share the unique ministry and message God has given them globally.

Henry and Marilynn Blackaby served in churches in California before serving 18 years in Canada where they saw many new churches begun. They raised their five children in Canada. It was also at that time that God taught the Blackabys the truths concerning walking with God that would eventually become the basis for the best selling book, Experiencing God. Raised in that environment, all five children sensed a unique call of God into ministry. Their oldest son, Dr. Richard Blackaby currently serves as President of Blackaby Ministries International and resides in Greenville, South Carolina. Dr. Thomas Blackaby is the former senior pastor of the North Sea Baptist Church in Stavanger, Norway and now is Director of International Ministries for Blackaby Ministries International. He and his family reside in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Dr. Melvin Blackaby is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Jonesboro, Georgia. Dr. Norman Blackaby is a professor at Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, Texas. Carrie Blackaby-Webb is a career missionary serving in Germany.

There are four key areas of ministry to Blackaby Ministries International:

  • Experiencing God: Helping people to experience God
  • Revival: Helping people and churches return to God
  • Spiritual Leadership: Helping church, business and family leaders move people on to God’s agenda
  • Family Resources: Helping families experience God in their homes

The heart-cry of the Blackaby family is to help people to experience God. They do this through their extensive writing, speaking and teaching ministry. Everywhere they share their unique message, drawing on timeless truths, God is drawing people to Himself and setting them free. We pray the Lord will continue to use our ministry to revive His people and to equip spiritual leaders to impact their world for Christ.